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iBGStar® is the first blood glucose monitoring
system created for your on-the-go lifestyle.
Manage your diabetes info – anytime, anywhere.
Store your readings on the iBGStar®
Diabetes Manager app, and add info about
your carbs and insulin doses.
Seamlessly integrates with your iPhone® or
iPod touch® so you can manage your
diabetes info anytime, anywhere.
Multiple features to help you manage your
diabetes info. Customized notes, high and low
ranges, data trending, sharing and more.
Discreet, compact design connects to your
iPhone® or iPod touch®, so you can always
have it with you.
Automatically syncs your readings with the
iBGStar® Diabetes Manager app on your
iPhone® or iPod touch®.
Innovative technology provides accuracy you
can depend on.
To learn more about
iBGStar, visit
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